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The Agak Foundation supports and advocates for orphans, needy and vulnerable children in the rural communities of Kenya with access to education through scholarships.

The foundation welcomes and works with volunteers who are avid lovers of education. We are committed to providing hope, health and education to children living in poverty. 


Dr. George Agak 
Agak and his family reside in southern California

Where we Work


The Agak Foundation is a charitable organization that provides academic scholarship to needy orphans and vulnerable children in the rural communities of Kenya. We also help recent under-graduates competitively apply for academic scholarships all over the world. 



The Agak Foundation has been working very closely with teachers and Heads of educational institutes and secondary schools since its inception. Our team includes some very passionate teachers and mentors who have had first-hand experience of dealing with students, addressing their concerns and being instrumental in promoting education access for all.

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